PARQD lets you easily pay for on-street and off-street parking right from your mobile device. You can also reserve parking ahead of time.


Parking is one of the most difficult and dysfunctional parts of modern city life – and that’s no surprise, as it’s barely changed for decades.

Drivers suffer from both uncertainty and inconvenience on a daily basis even though so much space is lying underutilized.

Solution to this problem: PARQD

We have the technology to help you find vehicle parking easily & seamlessly.

PARQD is dedicated to solving the parking discovery problem by addressing both sides of the market – the demand & the supply. We are making finding parking place easy and efficient for everyone.

PARQD does data-driven parking management. Our innovative solution maximizes returns from under-utilized car parks at offices, hotels, retail centres, residential complexes or vacant land parcels. Unclog the roads & speed up the traffic.

Find parking in seconds, wherever and whenever you need it, with millions of options available at your fingertips. Just drive to your parking spot.

From work journeys to weekend trips, shopping to sports stadiums, we’ve got you covered – with directions to car parks and on-street spaces, plus info on availability and restrictions.

And for maximum peace of mind? Choose one of our pre-booked locations – then simply park and get on with your day.

Make and receive payments via the PARQD Application on your Android or IOS device.